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Registered 17 Feb 2012
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From USA  Lum  09 May 2012
From Australia  Bretticus  11 Apr 2012
From Hungary  Faupe  24 Dec 2010
  rock3r  21 Nov 2010
  HarryPotter  30 Sep 2010
  agi81  14 Jul 2010
From USA  rafaelbcardoso  14 Jun 2010
  MadonnafeverNL  18 Apr 2010
From Denmark  Dazedmadonna  25 Oct 2009
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james  From France  View his/her collection
Hi, my name's James a.k.a. Frédéric THOMASSIN, born in Laval on the 29th september 1974.
I live in FRANCE, in a city called Reims where Champagne is a must.
Why do I love Madonna ? Maybe because she's a myth. Not just for
that but also for the music, the provocation (not only sexual), the actress... in others words... THE ABSOLUTE STAR.
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paradise  11 Sep 2019
Little star
PROMO 5" CD single | UK
pasyma  26 Apr 2019
Beautiful stranger
5" CD maxi-single or EP | Japan
londonboi03  07 Feb 2019
Like a virgin
Madoxmen  01 Oct 2018
Rebel Heart Tour
Blu-ray Disc | EU
lolo  27 May 2018
The power of good-bye | Little star
Cassette single | UK
dita  14 Apr 2017
Like a Prayer
CD | Japan
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